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  • What the Hell does Juve Want?

    First Juventus whined about a 30-point deduction which looks like they have been relegated lower than Serie B logically, a status that puts them in a situation that is detrimental to the financial health of the club in the long run; but better for the sport in general. Now, they want to appeal for the […]

  • Singing a Quarter Note

    Parreira named quartet Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Adriano, and Kaka to start their World Cup bid who will be playing Croatia, Australia, and Japan respectively. I am not sure if the tune of Brazil is hitting the quarter note spread amongst all four of them because of Ronaldo’s status barely two months ago deemed as overweight and […]

  • Too much Ronaldo?

    Brazil coach Carlos Alberto Parreira said that Ronaldo is guaranteed a spot in the World Cup lineup. He went on to say that all negative write-ups about Ronaldo would not matter come competition since he is made for special moments. This coming World Cup is indeed going to be special for him if he performs […]