Beckham plays Snap

Recently I posted that people should leave Wayne Rooney’s gambling activities. In response to the reported rift between Rooney and Owen, Beckham says that there is no problem between the two about gambling. He goes on to say that the only problem is their superstar center-forward status.

Beckham who only plays horse racing and “snap”, said he never played any card games and doesn’t link anything to gambling. He publicly declares their togetherness is too strong to be affected by such things.

Yeah, who cares if players reach the top, earn some money and use them in gambling. It’s their hard-earned money and right to spend them, as long as that money goes back to the economy and not on mafias would be fine.

Go Beckham, you are doing a very good PR job on your team. Hope their morale gets boosted and results in W’s.


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