Rooney Should be Cut?

The last time Wayne Rooney got his right foot injured through a broken fifth metatarsal took him out of the game for ten weeks. The doctors say his broken fourth metatarsal is taking him out of the game for six weeks? Oh really? The World Cup is starting in exactly 6 weeks’ time; that’s such a heartwarming message by the team, at least it would not have England’s ratings dive that much considering he can still play.

The first announcement of Sven comes before May 8 when he will be choosing 26 players and then cut 3 a week later in time for FIFA’s deadline schedule.

The inclusion of Rooney would not be a problem at all in Sven’s first announcement however the second and probably the final one would be? Nevertheless, there isn’t going to be much difference in Rooney’s health from Sven’s first announcement to the final squad. It’s too early to tell whether Rooney will be fit come June; but the way it looks he will just be in time for the competition — meaning he has no tune-up games, proper fitness, or even substantial therapy. Remember the ten weeks he was about during his first injury?

Altogether, Rooney is such a big star to be left out.

He is also a big distraction to the coaching staff, the players, and the fans.

I am no doctor, but if Rooney is just going to be in time for the competition; he’d rather sit it out for his long-term benefit and the overall benefit of the country.

As much as I want to see you in uniform, you’re better off resting, for England is not going anywhere anyway.

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